Mental Health

You can waste years pretending that you don’t have any mental health issues, or you can acknowledge that you have terrible habits, fix your body, fix your mind, and start building a life where you will wake up every day with clarity, and the feeling that things finally make sense

Kids Who Get Smartphones Earlier Become Adults With Worse Mental Health - - New global study from Sapien Labs finds consistent links, stronger for girls - JON HAIDT AND ZACH RAUSCH

I need to go to 2do Psychsterist

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar … Mental Health is absolutely important … if you are not cheerful … happy … doing whatever you are doing … what is the point ? Am glad Simone Biles has recognised this …

Teen Mental Health Is Plummeting, and Social Media is a Major Contributing Cause -

Adam Grant : Too many people wait until they're exhausted or depressed to make change or seek help - Mental health isn't something to put on the back burner. We can't keep good habits in storage until we need them - Mental hygiene should be as ingrained in our daily routine as dental hygiene.


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